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"Perfect Union"

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April 2008

This sculpture was designed by a team of artists unified for the sole purpose of providing an iconic equestrian sculpture to Lexington, Kentucky for location at the Kentucky Horse Park or another prominent location in Lexington during and subsequent to the World Equestrian Games 2010.

During the many months of promotion by our team, we have received support from many in the equestrian community as well as governmental levels up to the Commonwealth.  We have prepared a maquette bronze of the sculpture in high detail to show the detail we propose, we have provided many renderings of the potential settings and sizes of the sculpture, but of course during these difficult economic times, funding is certainly an issue.

This web location is to provide you with general information on the proposals, some of the many pictures and renderings that have been provided, and additionally seeking your support, comments, and information that may assist in making this proposal a reality in time for the WEG 2010, and an everlasting sculpture for Kentucky and the Equestrian community worldwide.

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