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The Most Remembered Water Feature in the World

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If you or your client are in the market for an extraordinary water feature for business or home, do not settle for just water movement alone; consider an object of art  with interactive movement from massive pieces of stone and flowing water.  Our fountains all contain giant stone spheres, granite or marble, ranging in size from one hundred to eighty-five thousand pounds, turning smoothly as the water flows from underneath the sphere.  Appearing as though the massive stone is merely floating on water, the water sound and stone movement entice you to touch.

  Our Sphere Fountains are Monuments to Time, but for those of you that have never seen one, it is best described as an experience never forgotten.  Almost always the viewer’s description of the Giant Sphere includes extending the arms as far as they can reach when explaining the size of the ball itself.  Exaggerated impressions left in your mind by the magnitude of the experience.  What is the fascination with such large pieces of stone in general and spheres in particular?  We do not have the answer, but we can verify that you will experience the same sensation, and so will everyone that sees the one that you or your client selects.....the most remembered fountains in the world.

  The fountains are ideal for Commercial entries both outdoor and within the lobby or reception area, Residential indoor and outdoor, swimming pools, entertainment areas, office buildings, shopping centers, spas,  country clubs, parks, museums, airports, libraries, golf courses and restaurants.

     We now manufacturer 12”, 16”, 20”, 24”, 36”,48”, 60', 72", the famous 2000 millimeter millennium sphere, and now up to 10 feet in diameter, the 85,000 lb giant.  Various styles and shapes of containers and bases are available, including self-contained fountains.  Spheres may be also added to your own pools, ponds, and related water features.   Custom orders are accepted for personalizing with our laser machines your fountain sculpture with names, logos, continental or constellation  etchings or other pictures.  Hand sculptured containers and bases can be designed to make your fountain truly a one of a kind.

CENTURIES OF TIME are contained in each amazing  stone sphere.

  Please call or EMAIL us if you would like to arrange for more information, pricing and Architectural renderings.

 Cooperation extended to the Trade.

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100% Business Lease Financing Available

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Lease covers Stone, Equipment, Installation and Service